I've been debating whether to get a guitar with no inlays, but I've never played a guitar without inlays before. Is it harder to play? I've been playing 4 years roughly so would it be worth it?
You still have fret markers on the side of the neck.
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Unless the four years of guitar you have been playing while staring at the fretboard, you should be fine. Its all about the side markers.
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If you're standing up while playing you really won't know the difference since you're usually just looking at the side dots. It takes about 4 or 5 days to get used to (if you're used to reading the fretboard).
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Depends, I'd rather no inlays than dot inlays.

Just let your feelings guide you.

Use the force, Emorak.

But really, it's not that big of a deal, my classical doesn't have inlays, just side markers and it's fine. My PRS and Taylor have them purely for aesthetics.
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Thanks for the responses

Think I'm going to stick with my Shark Tooth inlays for now, I much prefer them to dot inlays anyday!

I don't sit and look at the frets as such, grew out of that "stage" after the first year but when I look at the side markers, my hand to eye co-ordination goes off
If you ever think about refretting that guitar, it's easier and cheaper *without* inlays.

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I almost never rely on the inlay anymore. But without the side markers I would be in total lost.

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If you're actually looking at your fretboard when you play, you're doing it wrong.

Anyhow I agree with this.
Quote by MegadethFan18
Depends, I'd rather no inlays than dot inlays.

Just let your feelings guide you.

I love the inlays on my H and my MH though. They're there, but they're subtle.
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A straight dark ebony fretboard is a gorgeous thing to behold... and it take no more skill to use than a fretboard with pretty inlays.
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Quote by ColdGin
If you ever think about refretting that guitar, it's easier and cheaper *without* inlays.
Inlays have no bearing on refretting a guitar. It's binding that makes refretting harder and more expensive.
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It's not to complicated, you could buy one without inlays and if you change your mind they have tons of inlay stickers out there
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Month old thread is a month old.

I really don't care for dot or fin inlays. Dots are boring and fins are tacky. I'd rather a guitar have no inlays at all. Or, as a PRS guy, bird inlays.

For anyone in this dilemma, get one with no inlays and get some inlay stickers if you end up needing them.