Hey all-

I have a 1964 Fender Bandmaster. Great amp, no reverb. Is there a reverb that'll give me a good emulation of 60's Fender reverb? Or is there a standalone unit that's not almost $700?
As a silly fellow, I recommend the Danelectro Spring King.
Money beats soul every time.

Money beats soul...every time.

Money...beats soul...every...goddamn...time.
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As a silly fellow, I recommend the Danelectro Spring King.

While Dan-o pedals sometimes make me nervous, that looks pretty solid. Thanks.
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I've seen Stand alone units used go for more like $350. Probably the best with a vintage amp like that. Not sure though... no experience with stand alones.

If you have the $299 and are looking at spending that kind of cash, look into the Strymon Blue Sky! It is one of the coolest reverb pedals I think I may have ever seen! If you can find a used one, BUY IT! Unfortunately, I don't think people who actually have these will be selling them...

TC makes some seriously kick ass stuff! HoF gets great reviews the tone print stuff is really cool.

I have a couple things from T-Rex on my wishlist so I'd say check into that as well.

Hardwire Reverb, Boss RV5? Holy Grail, and Holy Grail nano all get pretty good reviews as well.
I have a van-amps solemate and it's absolutely incredible. Not a terrible price for what you get. I had a ngd thread for it a few weeks ago and posted a clip, you can find that through my recently posted threads pretty easily if you'd like!
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