I have an apiphone special SG, and I sanded the black off of it. Not I get the nice natural wood color underneath, After sanding I used water to get the stuff off. The guitar looks great when water hits the parts sanded, a real dark natural wood color, but when it drys it gets like a foggy look to it. How can I keep that wet look?
I would recommend using tack cloth to remove the residue left over from sanding.

Most companies will use water to get an idea how the grain will look when the guitar has been finished. Not sure what kind of oil you're using, but you might want to consider using a regular finish, such as a poly varnish, or something similar.

Edit: Also, make sure that you're not applying the oil while the wood is still wet. As you know, water and oil don't mix.
You think the finish will give it the look I desire? Would you recommend spraying it on? or painting it on?
some sort of tung oil
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Look up Sully's Guitar Garage on youtube. he has some good finishing tips.

Also just do a search on youtube for other finishing videos.
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There is still finish particles stuck in the finish below it. Make sure you sanded right to the wood with the proper paper.
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Hey Nowa, I have a question for you, What kind of wood do you use to make your guitars? And how much do they run you?


Nvm on what kind but how much do you pay?
Most of them so far have been Ash, but I got some in the works with walnut and mahogany (2 builds)
Hardware is ~450$ and the wood is 35$.

Wait what, holes off of the body? do you mean fill them?
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Screw the bridge/tailpiece posts into them, and then lever the posts out. The threaded inserts will follow.
I got them out, thanks!
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Hardware is ~450$ and the wood is 35$.

Where do you buy your wood? Online?
local lumber store, a specialty hardwood place. They have almost everything I need, besides rosewood and ebony, and quilted maple.
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I realized that when I was sanding it, it wasn't going through all the way, it seems there was another coat to sand off.