Holy Bajeebus it's been forever since I've posted in T&C. I hope everyone's been doing well <3.

Anyhow, I was looking through my old files and saw this in there and realized I never posted this on here. I love the sound and feel of the song, (and that I got a nontraditional key change in there, which I find difficult to do without it sounding weird, but I think I pulled it off) and it's only finished through the first chorus, but I was just hoping to get some opinions on what is there.

It's optimized for RSE in Guitar Pro 5, as are all of my songs. I think it sounds okay if you tinker with the settings well, and I like how I have the tracks all set up with lows/mids/highs.

C4C as always, it's been awhile, and I miss critiquing stuff. Opens me up to new things, and I love it.

Anyway, thanks for any responses.

EDIT: Here are the lyrics so far for those using the MIDI. They're also in the file in Guitar Pro, on the vocal track.

Whatever this is ain't working
It's best I stay alert and out of touch this time
I can't say that I haven't wanted to scream
It's been forever since I've done that
I can't say I'm not splitting at the seams
It's been forever since that's started

I know you
[Just trying to help, I'm just trying to help]
You're killing me
[Just stop, no, just stop, no, just stop]

Not much, but like I said, it's not very far done. XD
Allergic to My Medicine.zip
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Hey dude, thanks so much for your crit on my piece. Hardcore/metal kinda stuff is definitely not the only thing I'm into, in fact I'm a huge fan of some of the bands you listed on your page...Green Day are basically the reason I started playing music Anyway dude, this is a great alt rock song, even though I don't listen to this exact style that much, it was still really cool. The harmonics in the intro were a cool touch and I bet that would sound AWESOME when recorded. I also loved the chord progression you used, and the way the melody followed it...it sounded great Overall there isn't really very much to say here other than that I'd love to hear it when its finished. Keep up the good work!