I remember seeing this movie a while back and I can't remember what the name was. It started out with showing the main characters parents or someone's (again, its been a while) parents being killed in a car bombing. Then it shows the character later in life and he receives a call from someone and tells him there is a bomb in his car. It goes throughout the movie with that caller telling him about other bombs and such. In the end it turns out the girl that he was with doesn't actually exist and he is schizophrenic.

Sorry about the vague details, I saw it when I was young. Can someone help?

EDIT: Found it finally, it's called thr3e.... I remember there being a 3 in the title lol
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The Sixth Sense?

It definitely was not the Sixth Sense.
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It definitely was not the Sixth Sense.

Admittedly, I skimmed the OP at best.

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Oh, Thr3e. Most certainly Thr3e.

You're welcome
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