Pretty darn good job! I do have a few criticisms though. The guitar tone is a little to bass-y if you know what I mean. Also, the Video is a little off :/
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@ibanezfaz: Thanks a lot, I recorded using Guitar Rig 5

@MattyBoy_1337: Thanks! I know it's not perfect haha, I tried to tweak the tone many times but I kept getting that, I think it's because I tunned my guitar on B and didn't calibrated it so...don't do this at home! xD
And the video thing...I'm unsure why that happens to my video only when I upload it to youtube...any idea?
Man, this is so good. Respect for doing all the instruments for this cover. This is a very complex song, but it seems you managed to nailed it. Great technique, playing and programming. About the video - I don't know why this happens time to time neither, but it is very annoying. Keep up the good work!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MA6r705ArPY&lc=SLV7GGCNcNvsl76lc9OHyWaf2IKr5n-Y-Fz7GIte3g8&feature=inbox
Hi supreme-
Nice job! All the playing is tight, you did a great job with the tones too. Your guitar definitely coulda been louder in the mix during some parts, mainly when there was synth too. But overall a great job, I don't have a whole lot of constructive criticism regarding the guitar work. Since you like dream theater you will like my cover I am sending you to-I did Overture 1928, Strange Deja Vu, and a john petrucci solo from Liquid Tension Experiment - Kindred Spirits. Enjoy!