This is my composition work for my final year uni portfolio.
I'm pretty happy with what I have at the moment. Its only a really rough mix but gives and idea of what I am going for.
The piece as it is, is just about 12mins long but I'm planning on extending the intro section as I'm aiming for 15mins.
Some of the guitar parts will be re-recorded in the future and I may add vocals into the verse and chorus sections.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Yoyo! I listened to it with the ears of a Dream Theater fan. It sounded somewhat like them, but also different. Either way, I find it sounded quite good! The mix might have been a little weird in places, and some of the instruments sounded a little weakish. I think this has great potential though. Once you give this to a band to play and record, it'll sound better. also, when you add the vocals. I don't fee like it's strong enough to stand as an instrumental personally (but you're doing vocals for it anyway, so no problem). Vocals might be even more effective than you think, because sometimes the piece seems a little bit meandering and unfocused, and lyrics will mask or rectify that hopefully.
I do like it a lot though, and it's better than what I can do :P
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Thanks a lot.
I will try a few different snares out and see if I can find a more fitting snare sound. (The joys of drum programming haha)
For the orchestral stuff I am using east west symphonic orchestra platinum pro XP. Its an amazing programme. I'm only really using the strings in this but the brass, woodwind and percussion are equally as good as the strings.
Thanks MattyBoy,
As I said this is only a rough mix and it will be redone so it should end up a lot more balanced when I do it properly.
And you point about the vocals is a good one. If I can get a good structured theme/concept it will possibly make up for the slightly mad structure of the actual music.
Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you liked it.
Thanks dude.
Wanted to show the DT influence but without ripping them off totally as I've been quite guilty of that in the past haha. Glad people are saying it also has it's own thing going.
Good luck with your composition man. I look forward to hearing it.
'Sup ibanezfaz!
Really good work on this track and i'm the guitar you've got on this track. Heavy but not overly distorted so all the notes sound crisp and clear.
You can proper tell you've got a good ear for composition (really which I could create solo's like you pal!)
When you get a vocals on your tracks you should definitely pull an album together.
By the way, the part at 6:50 reminded me of Devin Townsend a lot!
Keep up the good work
Thanks a lot.
I really put a lot of effort into writing the solos for this so I am glad that they seem to be well written and effective.
I've not really heard a lot of Devin Townsend. Only heard the vocal work he did on Vai's Sex and Religion album. Need to get some of his stuff. Will definitely be watching him at Download.
There's a bit of fret buzz in the intro, which is annoying. The snare doesn't have any dynamics, it just seems constant; or maybe there's just something off about and it doesn't fit. That thing (Which immediately reminded me of Zappa's Apostrophe album ) at about 6:50 just seemed completely out of place; it needs a transition or something.

Other than that, it’s alright.
I would have faded in the intro more. Intro human chorus sound is good. Intro distorted guitar is pretty good. I like the clean intro guitar even better. Song gaining energy with bass & drums. Around 3:00, has a military drum feel. Around 3:30 & after, at times I felt some vocals would be nice. Nice melodies around 4:20. At ~4:40 I like the guitar. Cool at ~5:45. Nice lead guitar at ~6:10. All the guitar playing sounds good to me! Song is a bit long (unless it's background music for a movie), but well done. For the most part, I think the recording is rather impressive. Please review my music at this link:

Cheers for the feedback!

@MapOfYourHead The buzzing in the intro is because I'm using a Piezo pickup. It does get a little buzzy on the lower string but I kind of like the sound it gives. As for the part at 6:50 I know what you mean. In guitar pro it really sits well within the piece but I can't get it to sit well in the actual recording. I shall have a mess around with it so what I can do.

@aaron aardvark I am planning to add vocals from the 3:30 mark so that will get done eventually. I take a lot of influence from bands like Dream Theater, Between The Buried and Me and Symphony X so I guess that's where I get my influence for long pieces from.