Im working on fast tremolo picking and when im doing it, especially on the low E string, my picking hand pinky sort of rests on the high e string slightly (I guess for balance) and Im not entirely sure if its a problem. Would this be a problem of any sort? Such as with recording? Im trying to not let any of my fingers touch the strings (minus index and thumb occasionally rubbing the strings since I have the pick held to the tip) but I noticed its a little harder to do it like that (keep practicing?) But if my original way is not a problem it would be easier to continue as such but im not sure. Any thoughts?
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i actually do that to, but i usually do it because it seems easier than curling my fingers in a ball and makes my hand stable so i dont hit the other strings. . it doesnt seem to affect my playing, but i think i do this most of the time without knowing it.
I actually meant to say my pinky will rest on the HIGH E string whilst playing the low E string etc (just edited it)
As long as it doesn't tense up your hand, and you take it off when playing other stuff, I'd say you're doing fine.
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