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Does anyone personalize/customize their guitar cases? Do you guys put any stickers, paint/stencil and designs? I'm curious, I want to personalize my guitar case, but I want some ideas, and I'm wondering if anyone does this?
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i try and find stickers to put on mine, im thinkning about filling the empty space with some paintings, ya know, make it look trippy
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Ive stickered the heck out of my coffin case. No paintings though.
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Do you guys know anything about waterslide or vinyl decals? I'm thinking of printing out my own designs
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The waterslide/vinyls are pretty easy to lay down, but require soft touches, as they tear really easily when they're wet and being applied, and obviously with any decal (sticker or waterslides, etc) you want to get the air bubbles out as well. How they stand up when dry, I'm not entirely sure, but I can find out for you relatively soon.
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