I play stoner/doom and read where josh homme while in Kyuss used guitar amps into bass cabs for heavier tone, so i recently purchased 2 Peavey Headliner 4x10 bass cabs(8 ohms a piece) to run my Marshall 100HDFX head(4ohms) through. When I have them both plugged in i get a crackling sound in the top cab, I have switched the two cabs and either way the cab on top makes this noise, when i run the marshall 4x12(8 ohms) that came with the head or just one peavey cab i don't hear the noise. Also when i run both cabs side by side on the floor there doesn't seem to be any noise either.

Is this noise caused by vibrations from all the bass tones or something with my amp, i am using the marshall lead cables that came with the amp.

Any ideas?
Well, it seems like you've figured out that it's due to the physical placement of the cab.

Does it constantly make the noise or only when you hit a note? Is there like anything pulling on the cable of the top cab?

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Try sticking something between the cabs. A piece of wood or a stack of cardboard or something.
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