It seems like I see guitarists doing lots of tapping with little to noise. Of course when you do two handed like Broderick it becomes almost impossible to be perfectly clean.

Now, maybe it's me sucking... but I find that with a floyd rose and round wound strings give me a ton of excess noise. I palm mute a lot because I do TONS of sweeping and scale runs. I "shred" a lot I guess if you call it that. There's no problem with doing sweeps and such, but when I want to tap... taking my palm off the strings induced noise to run out on the lower strings. The only way I can do tapping is to do tapping on the 24th fret.

Like so:

e| 19-20-22h24... |

The problem I have is that the only way I have right now to stop the excess noise is to give my lower strings intense compression with my hand (like shove my palm down hard, which makes the strings dip quite close to the pickups). There has to be a better way because I see people do insane tapping while moving the hand all over the neck.

In addition, just hammering on out of nowhere causes other strings particularly the lower ones, I do have a seventh string) to start ringing to the force applied. This feels like a damned if you do/don't, because you need to apply some kind of pressure to fret it... yet, that pressure that makes it crisp (even with my insane amount of 10/10 cranked gain) is just enough to cause me problems.

Could the gain be an issue? I find when I turn it down the gain its slightly better, but then I lose note quality. In addition, I do intense vibrato and tons of shredding so max gain is something I love. I've spent countless hours training with max gain to make my technique razor sharp. Is there a way I can have the best of both worlds?

EDIT: I tap w/ my pick hand middle finger
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If you watch chris brodricks videos his two handed tapping technique relies heavily on the hand not tappying to mute the strings. So as he switches to tapping with his left hand he dampens the strings, removing excess noise. I personally Suck at tapping in general but after watching his "betcha cant play this " videos I can sorta grasp the concept behind his technique.
When you tap, you still have to mute the strings with your palm. The only difference is that you hand is farther away from the bridge. It doesn't matter where your hand is, you can still palm mute.
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