I know this is thread for song writing but I wrote the poem-ish thing and thought I would share it. I would like to get some opinions and feed back. Thank you for your time.

Limbo seemed so much better than Hell.

But I guess thats what I deserve for being optimistic.

Or maybe I was selfish?

Either way,

Saying "what if" isn't going to fix shit.

What's done is done.

I'm slowly beginning to accept that.

But Hell isn't soo bad.

I still have my family,

my friends,

my health,

a place to live.

I still have the ability to care about those things.


The color of the world around me is different.

The sky is substantially darker,

Days are a little bit longer,

Food tastes different,

The jokes people tell aren't as funny.

****, Music isn't even enjoyable anymore.

Its difficult to try not to say

"What if".

What if I tried harder?

Made better decisions?

Said the right things?

Thought before I spoke?

Saying "What if" is a crutch.

It's an excuse to use an excuse.

It's what you say when your weak.

It's what I used to say...

**** that!

This is my hell!

And I'm going to enjoy it Goddammit!