Hello Ug,
I was wondering if a few fellow tonehounds could help me achieve a tone similar to that heard on the Journey album "Escape."
I have a Jackson w/ EMGs and a POD HD300 and a tube amp, i've gotten a rough idea of the tone. is there anyway to get it closer to what i'm looking for?
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Hi, I am looking for an amp setting close to the sound of bands like Black Veil Brides.

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Set everything to 12 o'clock.

Go from there.


Jackson WRMG
Peavey Valveking 112
Pod HD300

Will buy guitars & guitar parts
PM me for info
Dont know if the emgs will do it? The EMGs I have sound too sterile, I feel they are only good for harder music...Slayer ect... To get good tone I usually have to use both pups and blend them with my 2 volume pots.
My c1 elite with the stock pickups will do it with my Marshalls... and I found he really used the front pickup a lot too.
What the hell!!!
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