It's been quite a while since I have been on this site :0.
Anywaaaays, decided after being swept up in the entire djent movement that I would start composing something of my own. I am by no means a drummer so please excuse the crudeness. I know there are going to be people who hate it simply because of the genre and the monotony that labels all post metal, but try and give actual opinions aside from, "This is garbage!" or "You smell!"

I present my work in progress, Enigma. It is only in the beginning stages at the moment and I haven't even really bothered to add a bass or level anything...it's only a midi though so whatever.

I would appreciate any remarks or opinions as to the direction to go from here. I am more than open to collaborations and would love to hear some ideas.


Edit: I muted the guitars - my focus was on creating more elaborate drums so that I may experiment more heavily with the guitars instead of leaving it to chug chug garbage. Good edit / bad?
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tbh, this isn't really djent. It's pretty much just a syncopated breakdown that most deathcore bands would use. Plus the piano over breakdown part reminded me of Abstract Art by Born of Osiris, which is a compliment, but it's not djent.

I liked the intro though if that's any consolidation ahaha.
That intro. Good job.

And then the guitars came in. I like the idea behind what you're doing (and I think I can go on the assumption that you're trying to back out of the cliche metal breakdown rhythms) but it just sounds really confused to me. Actually, the part that makes it sound arb to me is the last few notes in your 4 bar phrase (the last 3 notes of bar 28 etc). Personally, I think the rhythms are slightly too crude for the pretty intro over it.

I was disappointed that the guitars carried on doing the same thing and didn't doing anything different when the ambient intro part disappeared. And I don't mean new rhythms to chug at.

I think that that the piano, which comes in at bar 49, is kind of strange. Maybe atonal is the word. I doesn't seem to fit to me. There's some stuff in there which I think sound great and you should keep: the flurry of 16th notes at bar 52 and the whole of bar 56. I don't like the bottom not you keep on returning to (1st fret on the 3rd string). I think that the rest of the notes need slight tweaking to make it sound less random.
The piano piece is indeed inspired by Born of Osiris and the piece as a whole is meant to sound atonal. I didn't really focus too heavily making the guitar pieces unique but I was quite tired this morning so I suppose I shall work on that now.

I will push it more into a djenty direction as well c:
Thanks for the opinions, I will update it ASAP :0!
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