So ive recently acquired an alexi 200 with blackouts already installed (traded my schecter omen 6 to a friend for the alexi)

this is not my first floyd rose so i do know how to work with them decently

when im playing the alexi, it sounds like it has an incredible amount of treble and sometimes when i play up on the g string or higher it sounds like a pinch harmonic when im just regularly playing and i love it.

my question is, is this pinch harmonic type effect during my regularly playing a feature of the seymour duncan blackout pickup? or is it because of the floating position of my floyd rose? the floyd rose is floating a little far back into its cavity so is it pulling back enough that when i play a fret, the next fret closer to the bridge is so close to the string that it creates a pinch harmonic?

it seems like it might be because of the floyd rose being set up the way it is and it is hard to bend a note when im closer to the bridge without the note dying out really fast, so i am trying to avoid that but if making the floyd rose float higher will eliminate my pinch harmonic effect, i would rather just keep it because it sounds awesome. i just wanted to know if its actually the blackout pickup doing this so i dont have to mess with the floyd rose more than i need to

thanks for reading my really long question! lol