Oi guys,

Im looking for an amp that sounds good at low levels.. insanely low levels
(i practice around 7 hours a day at home and i dont want the neighbours to hate me)

Budget: 300-500 eur
Styles: Lead, lead, lead (Vai, Satch, PG style)

Have no experience with compressors but i guess that quickly raises the price way too much..

Combo amps prefered so i can skip the pedals altogether..
Any suggestions?
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Bothered about tube vs. solid state? Caue there aren't too many tube amps that are small and will do that. I'm thinking the vox lil' night train is your best bet at 2 watts. If you're not bothered, there are a plethora of digital modellers about that are getting better by the day, check a few out.
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Vox L'il Night Train. You get the head and the cab together, 2 watts, a shit ton of gain (I play PG, Satch easily on mine without a boost), can run it really quiet and has an emulated headphone out which sounds like ass the option's there.
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I'd suggest this, its not a combo though but its probably better in the long run... http://www.thomann.de/gb/jet_city_amplification_20h.htm

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