Hot damn, I like this! For a couple of years now, I've been into this whole 70's hard rock revival thing, liking bands like The Crystal Caravan, Rival Sons and The Sword, so this is right up my alley! I like the sound, the production is very good, professional level, the track is good, guitars are blazing and the attitude is there! I hope you guys make it big, 'cause I think you have what it takes! Cheers! <:

I don't have a band of my own, but if you'd like you could give the c4c to this: http://open.spotify.com/track/6W2NhNEtKEWeA4vXxWDuRF They're a local band, all of the guys are my friends, and I support them big time. This is from their 1st demo, and I think that for a demo it sounds pretty good.

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This is bloody good. Very well produced, cool riffs, the drums sound great, the guitar playing is brilliant. Love the vocals too. The whole thing fits together really well. I like the lyrics too, and the 'oohs' in the chorus are fun. I honestly can't think of anything I don't like off the top of my head. The bass isn't particularly audible, and I was struggling to hear it during the fill before the guitar solo, but other than that everything's spot on.

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Perfect choice for album opener. Guitar is in your face from the get go. Vocals were strong too with character and chorus sounded good, especially the end of each measure, that riff is so catchy. In general I think the song was very well mixed and produced. I liked the guitar riffs. This is the type of hardrock that you never get to hear these days anymore. Awesome solo btw, full of feeling.

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really cool guitar licks going on. loved the chord progressions going on and the attitude in the singers voice. The tone in the guitars was good and the drums and bass had a nice groove going on. everyone sounds awesome!
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Bloody hell! This is true, hard-driving, balls-out rock n' roll. The audio quality is fantastic, the guitars sound great, the drums sound damn good, the vocals are dead-on. Very well done!!! I'm going to have to listen to the rest of your material now.

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This definitely sounds like radio material (like someone said earlier) I was reallllyy digging it in the beginning. Then the vocals came in and i realized its just not the kind of music i am into. Don't get me wrong the singer is amazing. The lyrics were awesome too btw. Just not my kind of music. The solo was sick too. And now free your mind just came on....i like it more than night and day..really good.

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Man, nice guitar tone love the intro, this could definetley be radio material, you remind me of black stone cherry. Your vocalist also does a hell of a job, and the backing vocals in the chorus really help fill out the sound. Very good job, i hope things go well for you guys.

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