I've been looking for guitar box for 2 mounts and I finally found "ok" one.
It has 4x Celestion G12H-100 speakers. Does anyone have expirience with it?

I read somewhere that is very similar to G12K-100,but I don't know.. Tnx.
I'm not a aware that they even made a G12H-100 (H stands for Heritage)


Do you want to tell us what cab it is, give us a link, etc? Maybe the seller doesn't know exactly what they are. Maybe they are counterfeit.

We can help you more if we know what kind of music you play, what amp you have, your budget, where you live, etc.
It's a second hand Trace Elliot guitar cabinet with 4x G12H-100.

Celestion has manufactured that speakers.
Photo from net.

Edit: Amp is custom made. Hi-gain metal overdrive + funky warm jazz clean. I can spend max 800$ on cabinet. But second hand is my first choice.
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You know what... f**k that,I'll buy Eminence Governors even if I need to drive 120 miles to music store.
Well, I'm not a speaker expert so don't base your decision solely on what I say. Send Celestion an email along with your pic there. People buy high wattage speakers if they are looking for a more transparent tone and/or little to no speaker breakup. That may be something of value to metal/jazz players. The Governer is closer to a Vintage 30 no? If that is the case there are lots of different speakers to look at Governer being one of them. Warehouseguitarspeakers.com make a V30 clone called the Veteran 30 and from what I hear people actually prefer them because they are not as ice-picky. There is also something like a Celestion Classic Lead 80 which is 80 watts.
Yap,Governor is V30 clone. Main difference is: V30 has that annoying strange picky sound,and Governor is the most smoothest speaker I've ever tried. I know about Warehouse,but I'm from Europe.