Hi guys.

Three questions...

When do you think SD3 is coming out? How long was it between SD1 and SD2? They released EZD in between, right?

Also... is it that hard to get good metal sounds out of the regular SD2? Should I get the Metal Foundry? I play a lot of stuff, most very progressive and experimental, some of which is more like 70's styled, and some of which is very modern metal with agressive drums. Should I stick with just SD2 or should I get Metal Foundry too?

How good is SD2/Metal Foundry for "classic" rock (i.e. Graveyard, Led Zep, Floyd etc)?
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I really like the Avatar Kits that come with SD2, you can get awesome metal drum tones with just SD 2. The whole periphery album was made using just SD2 sounds. As for when SD3 comes out, no idea.
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I'd just get EZdrummer and Metal Machine EZX to save some cash.
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