This is a relatively new one, formally known as Untitled_76. It's my first attempt at a more narrative feel to my lyric writing. Hopefully it works. It's missing a few sections towards the middle/end, but it should give you an idea of the direction I'm going.


Verse 1
These are not the droids you're looking for
He said
And we went on by
Left behind the desert
And faced the open sky

I left my home behind me
My friends and family too
All for just a message
She told him 'I need you.'

Fear leads
To anger then to hate
Hate leads
To pain and suffering

When we last met
I was but young
Now we are older
I have come back for your heart

Verse 2
You do not look old enough
To be part of the Storm
I could always leave you here
Or take the leap down to the water

There he stood before me
And I know that he would die
How could I have known
My father would have been the lie?

Insert a missing section or two here...

End section.
I turned it off
I turned it off
I knew that I would make it
I knew what I could do
I trusted in my feelings
For I knew them to be true

I made a chain
And we could go back home again.


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