I own the POD HD 500 and it is absolutely amazing for getting really nice tones. I am
interested in getting into recording but I have no idea where to even start. I see vids on youtube that have amazing production value (musicman1066) and I just want to know how I can get started. Anyone have any links for gear/computer programs or recommendations?

I'd greatly appreciate it.

ALSO...If anyone knows about the POD HD500...if I want to switch between a clean tone and then a distorted tone...how do I do this while making it feel natural? If i do this...it often messes up the flow because the tones are so different.

Thanks for any input!
Connect the POD into a computer with a USB cable. Download Reaper (google it). Learn the basics of it. Record.

I haven't had troubles with distorted --> cleans or vice versa (with the HD500) so I can't really say anything else exept try to get the output volumes similar with them.