I've recently come across a few darlington transistor modules and a ton of high-voltage (with high collector-emitter voltage minimums) transistors. These are designed to be industrial switching transistors, but I'm very curious what they might sound like in a low voltage (9v-24v) overdrive or boost pedal.

Should I not even bother or is there the offshoot chance these won't sound half bad?

The modules are very high impedance, I've thought about the possibility of using them in a piezo buffer circuit, and I'm wondering what they might do in a simple overdrive circuit. I have the distinct feeling this won't work at all or I'll simply be left with my original signal untouched and uncoloured.

I did find datasheets on google, the part numbers are:



I can wrap my head around building a simple overdrive circuit, but I don't really know what effect, if any, these will have at low voltage.

Is this a waste of time, or is it worth a shot?