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This song is almost finished, i just want some feedback on how it sounds.

it was nice.i like the guitar riffs you used.maybe a little too repetitive but it was ok.
bar 1- bar 10 -my favourite part ,it really like this riff,man!

bar 11 - bar 35 - the second guitar is really great you must to work more with the drums,they were too boring too me.
the bridge was ok,and the first verse were hard and beautiful.
the chorus has a nice arpeggio,and i like it
the seconds and the third verse are too close one to other,but it is just my opinion.
the ending part was great. i really enjoyed this composition.
i give you 78 from 100

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sounds pretty much like architects to me

New Architects maybe, nothing like old though.
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Overall I enjoyed this song, but there is still some room for improvement. The chord progressions were great and I really enjoyed the ending riff.

One things I will suggest is exploring more melodies with the intro and chorus leads. You can use the exact same scales but re-arrange notes and use more than just straight eighth notes. Just try and give it a different feel. Just my opinion.

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