Okay, so in a pawn shop there's a Hughes and Kettner Vortex 4x12 for $245.

Now, I'm not worried about the price so much, but how much better will this cab sound than my Bugera 4x12? I'm sure it'll be quite a difference, especially since it has actual legit speakers right? Not those Bugera shit holes.

So I'm thinking about just trading in my Bugera for the Hughes and Kettner, and then paying the differemce, sound like a good plan? Or should I just look for something different?

If I don't pick this up, I probably won't pick up a new cab for awhile until I can find something really cheap.

TL;DR Should I trade in my Bugera 4x12 for a Hughes and Kettner 4x12
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it will probably be a step sideways not a step up, those are very cheap cabs
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