I got this guitar very cheap at a rummage sale, and I have been unable to find any information about it. I know that it is a cheap guitar, but I just want to know what it is. I think that it may have been a guitar that was sold through a JCpenny catologue in the 90's, but I am not sure.

It is a Harmony (not harmony est. 1892), but I have been unable to find any info about the model. It is a HSS set up, with a floating trem.
Thats a cheep Sears/JC Penny guitarmaybe worth $40 if it has a diecent neck.
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I like the way that this guitar plays/ feels, would it be worth trying to throw some better pickups in it, or just give up and get a more expensive guitar?

I already have a strat copy and a les paul copy, and I love both. I was thinking that I would make this guitar more of a heavy sounding/ shredder style guitar. I already have really heavy strings on it, and the going rate for pickups on CL seems to be about $30.
i'd go better guitar. those guitars are usually made out of plywood. idk much about tones with wood, but plywood is cheap. and you can expect it to bump easily =\