I'm getting a new distortion pedal and noticed the son of hyde pedal and was wondering if i should just get that or pay the extra $50 for the Jekyll and Hyde. I already have an OD that I'm happy with, but getting another for 50 bucks...?

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I wouldn't even get the Son of Hyde.

I've actually owned the Jekyll&Hyde combo-ped, and the OD sounds really nice. But for the distortion, the way you have to open it up and adjust the internal trimpot to set the bass is really impractical. And apart from that, it just doesn't sound that good.
Very Marshall-y, very loose.
It's nice and wet, but also because of the internal trimpot issues I was never quite able to get a decent sound of it.
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I have the Jekyll and Hyde right now and both sides sound nice, the OD much better than the distortion in my opinion but the distortion is pretty versatile. I bought a Hardwire SC-2 valve distortion when I lost my J&K for a few months and that seems to kill all other distortions I've used. Right now I have them both wired up for different flavours but if I were to do it again I would buy the Hardwire and an OD only pedal.
I have the Jekyll & Hyde. I had taken it off my board several times as I change things up. But it always comes back on. Both sides are very good. Overdrives are all different as are distortion pedals. IMO you should get the Jekyll & Hyde. I'll bet the OD on the J&H will be different enough from your current OD to justify both.
You can typicly buy a used j+h for less than the cost of a new son of hyde.
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