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So I recently got a secondhand silverburst Agile AL-2000, and it looks like the previous owner used an abrasive cleaner on it or something. It's not noticable on the silver parts or the guitar, but on the black parts it has lots of little tiny scratches that dull the finish. I tried using a damp cloth, Gibson guitar polish, and a tiny bit of wood spray polish, per instructions from other sites. Is there a quick and/or inexpensive way to get the original gloss back short of refinishing? Thanks!!
Yah, grab sanding paper and relic that shit
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Quote by omidmash
Yah, grab sanding paper and relic that shit

A guitar with a fake relic job is tacky enough, but a silverburst relic?
Scratches and dents in a thick poly finish can't be simply buffed out. You pretty much have to take off the entire gloss layer and re-spray the whole guitar. Nitro finishes can be repaired much more easily but with poly you're pretty much out of luck.
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