Hai there,

I'm Amber, I play bass moderately well :P so I'm really looking for people who havent been playing long themselves. I can play songs like The Kids From Yesterday and SING by MCR, and a few others like that, so I'm around that good. I'm aware that I'm not brilliant, but I've been playing about five months (I've been told that I progress quickly). I'm looking for people fourteen-fifteen age range, I'm fourteen myself, to play alt. Rock like early MCR and Pierce the Veil sort of thing, maybe a few fun songs aswell. Also, if you hadnt already guessed, I'm a girl, so if that puts you off, well, deal with it.

Contact me on my Email- amorris1997@hotmail.co.uk
Youtube- toastersmakemehappy
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Hey you sound cool but would want to do like an online band or real life. If real life do you live in USA or UK or some plase eles?

hey, I live in the UK, nearish London. I would prefer a real life band, but I wont deny online work :P
Seriously guys? Seriously? No one wants me? I'll just go cry into my pillow... :P