I'm just starting up my own album review blog and im looking for bands that recently came out with an ep or an album to review. If the music is free to stream or download post your links here. If you want to check out the site first the link is albumreviews22.blogspot.com. Thanks!
I don't have a commercially available album per se, though I let anyone download any of my songs (currently 138 of them, and I usually add 2 more every month) for free. I've had 19 different songs that have had radio play (including the radio BBC). Here is my link:

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Aaron, if you would like a review i would recommend picking between 5 and 10 songs that i can use for an "album". 138 songs is just way too many to sort through. feel free to message me or post in this thread with any songs you pick for the review
Here's our album:


Good idea as well mate! Let us know when it's done!

EDIT: Just realise that's missing a tune. Don't start listening until the second edit please!

EDIT 2: OK, done!
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