I was looking at a Fender Jaguar. I absolutely adore the sound but th 24'' is just way too small. Could I just buy say a Strat neck and bolt it to a Jag? I put it very over simplified but the only thing is that I'd be concerned with how the action will handle.

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Nope it would play out of tune.

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It 'might' work if you get super long intonation screws.
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Nope it would play out of tune.

What he said.
It must be the same scale length to work.
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The scale would be off because the neck would not join at the same place on the body relative to the bridge. If you don't care about extra holes in the guitar this can be fixed by moving the bridge.

You can find scale conversion necks but they aren't common.
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No you can't. The intonation would be horrid. I saw someone on another forum that was building a 25.5" jaguar, so maybe you can try that.
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You can't do it with a standard neck. You can get 'conversion' necks made, but there's three problems: one, they'll join the body at an odd fret, messing with playability on the high frets; two, the guitar will become severely unbalanced and neck dive like crazy; three, a 25.5" conversion neck for a 24" scale body isn't common, so it means paying a huge premium for a custom order.

In all honesty, buy a Jazzmaster. It looks the same, it's 25.5" scale and the sound is more or less the same on the bright circuit. There are lots of mods around to get a brighter sound, or you could simply put in brighter-sounding pickups if thats' the tone you're after, although Jazzmaster pickups do tend to be pretty bright-sounding anyway. Or you could even just buy a custom pickguard cut for smaller single coils, or even go the Warmoth route and have a body and pickguard completely custom made (which would probably be cheaper than getting the 25.5" conversion neck made)
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You would have to move the bridge to get it to play right, good thing you asked before you just went and did it.