Hey guys, i'm kind of noob when it comes to acoustic preamps so help me out here. I have a LAG 4 Seasons ( Winter ) acoustic which i find brilliant. The problem is that the preamp is... well fried so i need a new one. It had a Shadow StudioLAG in it and getting a replacement ( i live in greece btw ) has been a pain in the ass. Anyway, i've given up hope on the shadow and i thought i'd try something else. I've found some Fishman preamps on ebay :

1) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Acoustic-Guitar-EQ-Pickups-Fishman-Presys-Blend-Preamp-/220847692385?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item336b8c5a61#ht_2236wt_1270

2) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fishman-Presys-Acoustic-Guitar-Preamp-EQ-Pickups-PRE-/330593353183?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item4cf8e63ddf#ht_1568wt_1270

Are they any good? It would be really helpful if someone could give some recommendations...

Budget : 150 euro maximum and i'd prefer if we could stick lower than 100.

I'm looking for something nice sounding, dont need top of the line stuff.
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