Now I never sing at all. I live in an apartment, and self conscience beyond belief. However, when I'm at my dads house and no ones home, sometimes I'll begin to sing. I tried singing Drain You by Nirvana, and all I did was squeal by the third word. I seem to have a lot of mucus, don't even know how to breathe with my diaphragm, and won't often have time to practice (except in the car, away of course lol).

I know I need to learn the breathe with my diaphragm anyway to get anywhere, but I want to ask how people like Kurt Cobain and Steve Tyler can sing higher notes without that much trouble, and is it normal to start out the way I described (Obviously it would be better if you could hear me)

Here is the link to the song if you want to here what I couldn't sing, everything but the chorus.

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