I overheard a guitar teacher talking about how he got a sustainer humbucker. He said it infinitely sustains a note when he switches to the correlating pickup. Sounds like something I want. Doing a couple searches didn't get me any desirable results, so can anyone suggest budget-conscious sustainer humbuckers?
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Oh, there are no budget-conscious ones. What he was talking about is usually just called a sustainer. They're made by two companies: Fernandes and Sustainiac. Both work basically the same way. You replace your existing neck pickup with a driver, which picks up the vibrations of the strings and vibrates the strings at the same pitch, creating an endless feedback loop. Either one will cost you around $250 to $350.
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I had a friend buy a Fernandes and the support was so poor he got help from Sustaniac. He had a squeal when using it. Ended up needing a 2nd 9v battery to isolate the circuits as he had EMG's with the afterburner switch.