Hello all,

I'm just now getting into actually recording guitar, and it's made me realize that I don't know crap about how to get the sounds I want out of a guitar. I can do fine when it comes to recording clean guitar signals, but when it comes to distorted guitar.....well everything just ends up sounding like CRAP.

I'm recording directly into a ZOOM R8 multi-track(no amp, lost it in a fire) and then move the wav files over to my pc for arranging/editing. I'm looking for that "punch"*, and can't find it. Does anyone have any tips/tricks for getting it? I'm going to invest in some active EMGs and an amp simulator(Line6). Hopefully this will help but I know it won't be a magic bullet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. =)

Thanks Much!

* - by "punch", I mean this(around the 0:14sec mark) -> Imaginary - Evanescence
Just download the free amp simps found is the VST amp thread and shove them on the tracks with your clean guitar parts.
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