Hey we are The Distorting Glass and we play a sort of atmospheric style of Prog Rock/Metal

If I had to compare us to any other bands it would be like Tool and Porcupine Tree

Anyways heres the links to our songs:

Fear and Wonder



The City that Always Sleeps





Would love to know what you think, and if you send me a link to your band I'll happily have a listen

All of these songs we're written by our singer Pablo and the future ones will be more of a band effort,

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a like for a like? ;D
the pavelows
my band just started out :P
we are certainly not at your level though 0_0
i really like variance...
I have to say, the Tool comparison left me not expecting much. Tool is an oft-imitated band, and most of their imitators are modern-rock bands keeping the progress out of prog rock. After building up a nice wall of expectation and preparing to be let down, I listened to Fear and Wonder. I must admit I was quite surprised. The tribal-sounding drums at the beginning had me interested from the outset. The vocals were the only noticeable similarities to Tool.. Musically, there was far more melody and atmosphere than I expected, with high-quality playing and writing. My only gripe has to do with production. For as high quality as your recordings were overall, the cymbals sounded strange, like they kept fading in and out or panning right to left.

Fantastic music either way though, I listened straight through all the songs you posted. I would seriously consider buying an EP or album if one came out. I quite liked it.

If you want to check out my band, feel free: http://soundcloud.com/schwa-1 Please, please, please tear it apart. I want to know what you honestly think. I am aware that the production is subpar though, no need to mention that.