Hello all.

I play bass (clearly) and am now wondering what I should do. Right now I play a lot of simple covers (Blink-182, Weezer, Bowling for Soup, etc.), and was wondering if it'd be worthwhile learning to play some more complex pieces. I know it'd make me better, and everything, but for what I want to play, at least for the foreseeable future, I don't need to be able to (I like my current skill level and enjoy playing those songs and writing songs just as simple).

I see that I have 3 options:
Do learn more complex songs.
Learn middleground songs.
Don't learn more complex songs if I am happy.

Just looking for a little guidance.

If this is in the wrong section just let me know.
I would say don't stop trying to get better. If your musical tastes change then you may need to get better at bass, so why not do it now?

Getting better couldn't hurt. But don't try learning a song that is vastly beyond your level (YYZ, Donna Lee). Try to learn maybe a more complex punk or pop-punk song. There is a suggest a song thread with some pretty good suggestions and difficulty levels attached.

Also (and this is my classical asshole coming through) I as a musician have zero respect for people who become complacent in their skill level.
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I'm going to attempt to learn an Avenged Sevenfold song (I'm liking Bat Country in particular). It's more complex, but it doesn't look impossible.

I completely forgot about that thread and didn't bother looking, thanks.

That last line is pretty straightforward, but also right.

Who knows, maybe I can mix the two and make pop-punk musically complex but still popular among the masses (mainly just tweens...)

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Who knows, maybe I can mix the two and make pop-punk musically complex but still popular among the masses (mainly just tweens...)

Did that with my old band. It works, but we found our music consistently became more mature, and more proggy as we got better at songwriting. Eventually, because what we were doing was a bit more mature and complex than all the bands we were gigging with, we simply got bored of being a pop-punk band. Mind that that doesn't happen to you.
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Be eager to learn and develop. Play with others, talk to others and you will play and discover a lot more. A hundred people a day come one here asking if they are right by jamming to blink 182 covers (a band I never I never got into growing up and still haven't). To be honest it reminds me of the acoustic guitar guy at parties aka Juke Box Hero.

Nothing wrong with that, but it isn't me I prefer writing stuff and playing with others. And when I do learn covers it can be all kinds of stuff. You might enjoy learning some Dookie Green Day or Nirvana. Tend to be just Eb or drop D and are a good fun but sometimes more complex. Also set aside time to learn scales, and theory and technique. Don't focus on seeing how many blink 182 riffs you can play.