i wasnt sure where to post this, but i figured this was way better than the pit.

okay, so i was going through some boxes at my grandfather's place and found this really nice mandolin. lost most of its strings, but its ok because i know a luthier. i can put pictures up, basically im just looking for identification, possible values, what needs to be done to it to clean it up etc.

its got "Cimar" on the headstock. a quick google search says it was one of Hoshino Gakki's companies, like Ibanez.

a Made in japan sticker on the back confirms it, but it has no other certifications or details.

cool sunburst, and a pickguard which I'd associate with those on a les paul.

pics to come.
Just looked in my old 2011 Guitar Price Guide, which also has mandolins. Nothing in there about Cimar or Hoshino Gakki. Best bet may be to look it up on eBay.
same company that owns ibanez. it was owned in the 70s and 80s, then was packed away.

it seems they made mostly guitars, as in "cimar" by ibanez.

they must have been shut down between then and now.

pics are too big on dial up speeds. try in a few days