Just bought my first recording equipment, heres kinda the first real song iv put down. Its a rough draft. Let me know what you think..especially from a sound production point of view. The vocal track was just some words I came up with on the spot...its kinda messy. c4c

Intro is abrupt. The rhythm guitars sound quite pleasant (tone, playing & melodies). Yes, the vocals need work. The song doesn't sound 100% complete, but the basic idea is good. I would either add another guitar part at the end, or have the ending guitar track not fully panned to the left. Please review my music at this link:

Well it's a rough draft so hopefully you have a intro in mind. The vocals are too buried in the mix for me to even get a feel for the song. Also the outro IMO should be a little louder.

Were you planning to break it up with a chorus/verse and maybe a bit of a guitar solo in the middle? Your voice sounds pleasant, but you might try using some processing to fatten the tone of your vocals.

See my link below to select from one of my recording.