Recently I've been searching for some scale exercises and found an exercise where you play in group of 3s or 4s, move to the next note and play the next 3 or 4 notes etc. what are the benefits of this exercise?

What other exercises would help me learn the scales better?

I suppose the benefits are to build coordination between your fret and picking hands. This can help develop playing speed. Also, to build 'muscle memory' so you can play the scales without having to think about what you are doing. Finally, it also contributes to your 'fretboard knowledge,' meaning that you understand where you are at any place on the neck, and can easily transition into another scale, mode, or feel.
It's actually usable as a lick or part of a lick, that's the main benefit.

The other thing is that it'll build basic co-ordination and scale knowledge.

Obviously there's loads of similar sequences - 5s and 6s are pretty common too. You can also split the scale into it's constituent intervals, playing through it in thirds (ie, scale tones 13243546etc) or arpeggios (135246357etc)...

Your imagination's the limit.