Nice video name

Anyway, I think you really did well. I would work on using a couple relative keys (not necessarily always "proper") to "spice" up your style, maybe a few techniques not normal to your style. Your playing and tone are both pretty good. Well done!
Thanks man!

Yeah the video name is PURELY for views... People just tend not to click on "Some blues improv" or something similar, ya know?

Anyway, yeah maybe it could've done with some slightly more exotic scales or something...

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment man!
Great stuff man! I like it! I'm gonna try and learn this actually to work on my own blues improv . Well done!

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im not very good with that harmonic thing. i get them to match perfectly then i play a chord and it sounds like hellen keller singing

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Utilize your pinky. By just adding and abusing that one finger alone, can you drastically improve your playing. Phrasing could use some work, but your tone is pretty rad.

Learn/use some classic turnaround licks instead of always playing over the lV/V chords. Around the 3:00 area, you just continuously play into the next 12 bars when I feel like you should have pulled back considerably.

Tone knobs and dynamics are your friends. And...I hate to say this, but around 4:24, I just didn't get into that SRV, Buddy Guy wank-out. Good technique, but better used a few bars back, and not so close to the end of the track, as most people expect to hear that sort of guitar playing creep around the corner.

And last but not least...vibrato! You're talented, mind you. But take into consideration what we're saying here.
Thanks for the comments everyone!

You're right about the turnoarounds Kero, I never noticed that, but I do seem to play through most of them! I like doing that, but if I used it more sparingly it would probably be more effective.

Thank again for the kind words, I'm glad you seem to be enjoying it!
This is really good. I love the tone, first and foremost. The playing is also incredibly solid. Light years ahead of my 10-second frenzied guitar bashing I pass off as "lead", so I'm really in no position to judge But really, the vibrato sounds sweet. The bends are really nice. You work up and down the fretboard real smoothly, and it doesn't get incredibly boring or repititive. Very nice work, and thanks for checking mine out
Great tone and you really know what you are doing. Checked out some of your other videos. I'm impressed. I'm gonna watch them and learn something.
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looked at solo......twas reasonably good. title made my day lol. sorry but i haven't loads to say about it........
but i then had a look at the song I'm Leaving. and that was pretty goddamn good. Vocals were really great (both in terms of recording and writing/singing). The bass gave the song a real groove, and i can't really think of the right words but it just ......fit in every sense of the word. so VERY well done on that as well. i'm sorry....despite you advertising your guitar solo i have sort of gone off subject.....but tbh you particularly excel at the all-rounder job, as you seem to be proffcient at guitar, vocals and bass. i was impressed-and tbh think you should do a thread on this forum with a link to I'm Leaving.

like above people, i now feel silly leaving my thing on here as yours was good musically and production wise......but this is the internet i guess, so embarassment is reduced due to not personally knowing you
if have the time an opinion would be appreciated. but well done again.
I do these things as I go along...

Nice tone. Like that quick slide around the 1:00 mark.

2:50 mark, a bit weird for about 5 seconds. Happens again at around 3:45. Don't think that does justice to the rest of it.

Perhaps a minute too long overall. Enjoyed it though. Good playing. Nice tone. Great bl00z face. Overall very impressed, good job!

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