He plays a fender strat with HSS pickups. He currently plays through a Boss MT2 distortion pedal through some really tiny crappy esteban amp.

He play from Metallica, to Avenged sevenfold, to van halen.

His budget I believe is around 300-500.

I suggested him getting a Peavey Vyper 112 30W because I heard good things about them, but wanna see if you guys have any better suggestions?
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I feel like the Classic 30 might not be voiced for what he's playing, but I could be wrong. Maybe a Peavey Valve King?
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You're right in that the classic 30 is geared toward lower gain music but it is pretty versatile. Throw it in the mix and see what he thinks.
Well he does have the Boss MT2 for distortion(which my friend and I got him for his bday), and he'll be playing on the clean channel anyways and using the pedal for his high gain playing right?

Just his current amp has literally like a 4 inch speaker, and he just wants a decent amp and asked me for help.
Schecter Omen 6FR
Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 spider IV15
Yamaha F325
I don't know why but I love marshall. Go for a high end AVT maybe, or a blackstar
The Vypyr wads good suggestion, well done but tell him to ditch that pedal and use the Vypyr's distortion, it will sound much better.
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I have nothing but love for the new Fender Mustang amps. They're right in your price range, have a wide variety of options, are loud enough for gigs and just sound fantastic! I'm a long-term VOX fan boi, but the Mustangs just kick everything's ass in the modelling department as far as I'm concerned.

He could definitely pick up a Blackstar, Egnater or other small tube amp, but honestly, unless he already knows the tone he wants -- get the Mustang. You guys can thank me later...

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