Guys I need some info. I saw a local store puts custom inlay stickers all over the fret and they got designs like bat, tree of life, sharktooth, wolve to man etc really cool inlays. I am willing to get some inlays for my LTD V-50, but few people suggested me to keep the guitar fret stock, they says the inlay are just mere stickers with glue on the which can harm my fretboard and also they might come out when playing solos... Is it really true? Will it affect my fretboard or come out so easily?

second, is there any UK-based online shop that sells attractive custom volume/tone knobs like skulls and stuffs? I wanna get two knobs for my axe. Thanks!
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a) nah that's bullshit. proper stickers (vinyls) will not damage your fretboard, I have some on one of my guitars and I'm happy I got them. They never come off or disrupt the sound in any way.
b) ebay - usually around $20 will get you whatever design you want and you can apply them yourself.
+1 to the stickers being legit. I've got some and I know some others who have them, they work fine and look pretty cool (though not as cool as real inlays) and they have had no impact on my playing at all.

As for the custom control knobs, I dunno. Not about UK based ones anyway, sorry.
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The above answers cover your first question.

As for the second, I'd suggest doing a search. I imagine UK-based chains would be able to help you out. What do you have over there?

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Axesrus and WDMusic are the two main UK sites to buy ''custom'' parts from.
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