So I play in an atmospheric rock group, and predominantly use a clean tone. I have an old Randall 40 watt combo as my primary amp. I love the advantages of solid state cleans for this kind of music, and although I acknowledge the advantages of a tube amp in some situations, but for this kind of music, in which i'm running a large number of effects simultaneously, is a tube amp really worth the money when I feel the tone is working for what I want to do?
If your happy with what you've got them no. You might find a Tube amp is not what your looking for as it may break up sooner, and give distortion where it isn't wanted.
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If you're happy with it, then no need. The sound on stage isn't as important as in studio. Audience members don't notice shit.
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Solid state amps can have some of the best cleans. Just look at the Roland Jazz Chorus... that's a legendary clean amp and it's solid state. If you like it, keep it.

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Go somewhere and play a good clean tube amp. See which you like more.
A fender Twin or a Vox AC30 are a good choice.

Myself, I prefer solid state cleans to tube most of the time, except for my blues, hendrix, or RHCP stuff.

I like em both, but yeah I dunno...thanks guys