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ltd m-100
4 40%
jackson dxmg
6 60%
Voters: 10.
I had browse some thread asking about what i'm going to ask,but everyone not answering the original question.I'm helping my friend searching reviews from people.Now i'm going to ask,which one is the better option between ltd m-100 & jackson dxmg,because they're priced very close here.
Actually, I'd say the Jackson. Their necks play very well, Jackson has a great licensed trem bridge, and EMG HZ's to boot. It's ultimately higher quality than the m 100. Yet +1 about the mh400. Anything 4xx and above is good in terms of ltd guitars. Try looking for used Schecter's. I found a used Hellraiser w/ EMG 85/81 and an OFR w/ set neck for $400 (back off, it's mine as soon as i get the money :P I'm 14). Also, where do you live, what style of music do you play, etc...?
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LTD, but save your money (or scour the used market) for a 400 or higher.

the guitars you listed just aren't very good at all. you'll be much happier for far longer if you invest a little bit more money and get something better.
Yep i now realize dxmg are far better,i'm only helping my friend doing some research.I live in Malaysia,guitar's here are quite expensive coz of the taxes.