Hello fellow guitarists!!

hahaha well maybe it's too soon to say I'm a guitarist coz I'm only starting out but I am doing my best to become one! haha

So I've been trying to learn a korean song by the name of "Fox Rain" from a popular tele series "My girlfriend is a Gumiho". It's a great song and I've collected a lot of material with regards to this to try and hit the right notes but then one day I saw this video in youtube which played a particular tab in the song that I am dying to get my eyes on!

Here's the link

click to around 1:42 where he plays a sick rhythmic tune and no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get it

pleeeaasseee guys I'm begging you. help my formulate the tab that I need I'd really appreciate it guys. This is one of the top guitar sites and I have faith that something will turn up if I ask here hehe. Thank you so much guys!!