Hey guys,

I'm the bass player for Nottingham 4 piece alt rock band Dreaded Monkey who have recently recorded a 3 track ep in London. We have just got the mixes back and would like to hear what you guys think!

All 3 are on my profile, any comments are welcomed and as always I'll listen to your stuff in return
You gonna bark all day little doggie?
Thanks for the feedback, crit left on your profile
You gonna bark all day little doggie?
I really liked Influence Me the most. Lyrically, it connected. I thought it very honest and real. I also really enjoyed the timing/rhythm changes between verses & choruses etc. It gave me a variety of things to enjoy, and takes the listener through a wider range of emotional experiences.

I also enjoyed MUD. Your slithery bass work during the verses was really cool. Well done! I enjoyed the driving chorus, it grabs. And the ending of the chorus with the 4-5 note descending scale was a very catchy piece of work. Simple and effective, and a good transition back to the verse.

The other song, Not a Song, didn't quite do it for me. It was well done, but wasn't so much my flavor. It just didn't quite sock me in the jaw like the other 2 songs. I was hoping for a bigger build. But once again, well executed, just more so not my personal flavor.

Here's my latest: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/cheapr2keepr/music/all/play1085843