I just rediscovered this song I recorded months ago. It was recorded at 2 in the morning and I had a cold at the time, but I'm quite proud of it and I have no idea why I ever forgot about it! But I obviously can't be the fairest judge of it. Lol. What are your thoughts?


C4C, I promise!
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I really like the tone of the guitar. You've got a pretty good voice too, nice and deep.

I feel like sometimes the guitar parts get a bit repetitive when you're not singing. Between your first 2 verses for instance, or after your chorus...

I liked the chorus btw. In general good recording quality and good song.
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Minor gripe: I'd delete the first 3 seconds if it's not a big hassle. Guitar sounds quite nice (audio, playing, melodies). Unique vocal style (good), a few spots could have used a few more vocals. It would sound more professional if there wasn't coughing in the song. For the most part, the song itself is quite good! Please review my music at this link: