right guys & girls, looking at getting a les paul guitar, wanna keep it at a low budget... so naturally i went to thomann.de

first thing i saw was the HARLEY BENTON HBL400CS LIMITED 2 link

then there was the EPIPHONE LP SPECIAL I LTD.ED. WBK link

or there's the HARLEY BENTON HBL450CS link

i'm more inclined to go with the archtops of the HB's than the epi

i WILL upgrade it bit by bit slowly but surely but i don't know yet as to how much i'll put into it, i just want a les paul guitar to add to my collection.

out of the 2 HB's i'm more inclined to go with the HBL400CS LIMITED 2

what are harley benton's like???

are they any good build-wise?

do they sound alright stock? (bear in mind i'm NOT going to gig with it, just mess about at home)

cheers people!
Before I bought my Les Paul, I played Epi's as well as HB's before I ended up picking something else. Have a look here. A bit more money but so much more value for the money!
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yeh i've had a glance at vintage's

heard they're meant to be good, but i've also heard good things about harley benton as well... =/
Would not surprise me if Harley benton and Vintage are made in the same factory.
I can only vouch for the Vintage though. Quite solid guitar, especially for this price.

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STAY AWAY from ALL things Harley Benton.

They're below the bottom of the bottom in terms of quality. Seriously.

I think Thomann.de actually owns the brand.