Hi, I wanted to replace the pickups in my Squier Jag special. I was wondering if anybody knew what kind of pickups it already has (the output of each). Because when I play it through my amp now the sound breaks up even when I turn on the -15db button. (I’m not sure if the pickups have too much output, or what). I was thinking of getting this and this. And my final question is, if I brought it to someone to switch out, they could make the change from active to passive, correct?

Try turning the active EQ and volume on the Bass ,and turn down the pre amp section of your amp.Yes it can be made passive, or a switch or push/pull pot can be installed to switch from active to passive.What kind of amp do you play and do you use any effects?
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Okay I will try all that but. I'm not home now. And I'm playing through an old Ampeg Svt 3 that I've had plenty of.problems with. My cab is a TC 210
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i think you need a better amp first if your sound is breaking up.

This, if you feel the need to say your amp blows, blame it before the bass. Go to a store and play some amps with your bass, this will give you a feel for some new amps and see if your bass is ok as is.
Well I wanted new pickups anyways, the breaking up sound was just a separate thing to think about. But my other jazz bass sounds fine, its just my active jaguar that breaks up.
does your amp have an active switch or input? It might sound fine when in the right place.