Haven't posted here in years but I figured I'd share with the UG community a song I wrote and recorded a couple months ago, one stony night. It's a scratch job, used my computer mic to record the vocals into garageband. Not crazy about my voice to begin with so it does the job.

A friend once described it as Julian Casablancas' heroin dream. Let me know what you think.

I've listened to a lot of music on this site this morning. This is the 1st song in 3 pages that I actually listened to all the way through. I'm about to listen again
thanks for the feedback guys. here's the story behind this: ran my tele straight into the computer, used whatever lame presets garageband has. there are only two guitar tracks and vocals on this, despite how it might sound in the solo section near the end. im looking forward to getting a drummer and a bassist on this and laying down a live version.